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Why list plugins here?

idk, just.. put it here so if anyone wonder, we use this plugin. maybe have concern what plugin if any does peeked at your being worn sukebe & beha, something2, other fears..
If then you find we used any of the plugin and then there was a war, betrayal, etc. etc., you will let us know, idk..
Beside in case any protestware goes rogue and destructive, by seeing what did we use, you would warn us before updating any of the offending thingies.

More information on reasons of listing used plugins on this page
  • Users needs to be given idea for what plugins we used to build this website
  • In event of data leaks such as getting tele-market scams after hearing news of data leaks, data on sale, and anything regarding unconsented data exchanges, Perkedel should be disclaimed & waived from any form of litigations & punishment for reasons related (at least on an extreme basis), since Perkedel on handling Game save & other cookies never explicitly intent to do such exchange, at least on personal basis.
  • We would also try our best find & improve ways so that by the most extreme, none of your sensitive informations (not to mention & especially data that if got leaked will destroy any of the reputation in an unwanted ways,) gets mishandled
  • By being aware with the list above, users should & will have an idea for which one or some of them are an / a bunch of Impostor(s) Among Us, who is/are known for exchanging user activity data or even personal data.



Extra info

While this particular website itself (from the HTML to the JavaScript we programmed) does not collect any information whatsoever (since we donโ€™t program login here, but even if we so, we only let you store essential parameters for the loginers idk..), some assets like embedded video & games hosted on 3rd party, plugins, or maybe-or-less Netlify this site was hosted by, may collect informations whenever accessed such as but not limited to:

We have to warn you, some websites are plain nasty. And we all know, in case youโ€™d wanted the information to be deleted, itโ€™s gonna be a hell. Not only you have to contact & ask, often times, they may not favour your request so much after all. Hmmm, perhaps use SayMine? idk..
So okay, hereโ€™s the deal. Let us know if we embedded particular part of a domain or plugin that notorious for collecting private information keys even, without consent, such as Facebook e.g. .
CDN usually should not collect user information everytime any of the file gets accessed.
But anyway, if you believe & confirmed whole lot that even by CDN, the company peeked at your underwear closet & photocopied your crypto wallet private keys or just house address, let us know immediately atโ€ฆ
idk, anywhere.. Sorry we donโ€™t have business contact address at the moment, nor department that handles privacy concerns. Maybe just go to Joelโ€™s cointree & get in touch through mentions so everybody curious & know.

๏šPRO TIPS๏š:
You can find which tracker occuring around here but got blocked by looking at your trackers & ad blocker dashboard.
On Brave, you can click on Brave lion before the BAT triangle . Next to Block trackers & ads dropdown, there is a number if more than 1, you can click to view list of which tracker got caught & blocked from loading.

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