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Terms of Service

pls wait!…

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct will be applied soon at undefined date.

For Users / Gamers


Additional Rules

For Developers / Contributors


Please still contribute anyway despite your discrepancies with your background checks such as Paywallism (>$0), Proprietarism (No PSD, No Download Link), and/or Partialism (DLC >$0). Kaorfa may still accept intresting articles, tips, files, etc. etc. Usually, he is about lenient and accept everything that intrests him and/or provides usefulness towards all gamers.


IMPORTANT!, Always watch what did you put in. Everything that you put in must be $0, and if you dare tp violate this, there will be heavy consequences.:

(BASE) Code of Conduct

insert here

Consents Required

In order to be able contribute for Perkedel Technologies, you are expected to consent at following aspects

Core Motto

Consent that all contributions shall be:

Usage scale

Consent that all contributions will be used for any scale but not limited to:

* Restricted & Limited usage scale shall be skipped if contributors age do not meet biological mature level. However it will become mandatory 18 days after their eligibility birthday due to desires from gamers that we have no right to control. Additionally, for such lesser than mature case, ones shall not be forced to contribute to these non-general scale before they reached aforementioned eligible age, at their biological mature birthday + 18 days after.

Even contributors with eligible age exclusively contributes for General scale, they are still required to consent to next 2 scales due to above aforementioned desires from gamers that we have no right to control. However, by contributor(s) request, we have rights to temporarily forbid Limited & Restricted fanart from gamers & contributors based on other contributors whose ages are less than mature. This forbid only last until contributors has finally reached their biologically mature birthday + 18 days after. After which following date, no related forbid shall be reapplied furthermore. Note: there are a chance that some not yet eligible contributors allows Limited & Restricted fanart at least on certain specification (Which is about screwed up honestly, idk..), for your safety, we suggest gamers to / gamers may avoid using such assets for those 2 scales at the moment until from the time of contributor’s statement, they’ve grown to eligible state + 18 days after.

If contributors could not make account due to status lesser than required, they may borrow parent or guardian account on behalf. We also recommends all contributor whose age less than biological mature to also be supervised. Although parents & guardians may optionally supervise already matured contributors if need be. (Because guess what, there is a chance for some contributors to have toxicity e.g., & this often happens because nobody’s looking at them, so they can bully everyone as they please, that’s not welcome.)


OH NO! I didn’t know! pls don’t reupload my paid work for $0!!! I need to eat & buy vape & luxury sport cars!

YOU PERVERT!!! You talk to your mom like that?

“Jesus christ, chill! I ask you not to make porn, not it is illegal to make porn!!” (Contributor is okay if we make 69420 despite contributor am not into it or otherwise has no comfort in such regard)

um, yeah! (confirm is okay to make R34 despite not having comfort in it)

Contribution Instruction

How to do this?




Background check points

Please have a look at the following checklist. You will need to pass at score 100% (TODO: pls leniencify!) in order to be accepted for merging. Additionally, you must pass this exam all the times to keep your eligibility. The answer will change if you deviates any of them such as start paywalling by the next version, etc.

- question (Correct Answer)

Are you GRATIS?
Are you person of Culture?


It is up to the Kaorfa that will grant you gamers the exception. e.g., If you make 3d models that are not $0 but had its tutorial to make them like it exactly 1:1 like Ducky3D, then you maybe eligible for the exception. Again, make sure it’s most of the tutorial, maximum paid tutorial is 1 per month or varies depending on Kaorfa’s subjective choosing.

Sample Exceptions

The following are the sample cases where Kaorfa would still accept your Pull Request. Please note these are based on subjective thinking of Kaorfa & may change at anytime. Also note, that even if your cases are listed here, you may stil get rejected / accepted depending on Kaorfa’s mood.

- sample case. e.g. Person examples

Sample Rejection

The following are the sample case where Kaorfa no longer accept / Just reject your Pull Request because e.g. betrayed everyone not just me. Again, these are subjective & will change at anytime.

- sample case. e.g. Person examples

Developers FAQ

Do I have to make sure I obey all of these?

Yes. Although to be clear, if you only put some guides, then I think I can put aside the stuff you didn’t promote. Well, if you do promote stuff, again that’s when I’ll get strict.

Wait does that include everything?

Yup. all of them, must be Downloadable, for $0, Open Source (PSD AI included), FULL VERSION (no censor allowed, no patreon / paid exclusive uncensor). Even the old stuffs you embarrassed to share to the world. But..

OH MY GOD!!! You’re an asshole! I hate you so much!!!

I’m not finished yet, even you had old stuff you embarrassed to share hence you disable the download, or whatever patreon exclusive you had, you still have chance to be accepted.

… Fine you win this time. It’s our policy, unfortunately.
Look, I want to help you, but if I didn’t have this rule here, all you get is cancelation, not just me for being a hypocrite, but you too.

I can help you. Just bring the file here, & I’ll make sure that you who knows get the donation you’ve always wanted. Look at FOSS developers out there, no! not that guy, these!! They also have free beer, and since they liked the beer, they buy them coffee. Easy as that. Company needs those beer, so look at them at the platinum sponsor tier, they gave them wine coffee so FOSS developer can brew the best beer world never imagined before.


I know, not all people going to have guts to just do it, they’re stingy, I know. But you’ve already had those who better spend it somewhere instead of sport cars to hoard. Yeah?

(sigh)!… I’m trying to help you. If you insist, then it’s a violation, we can’t have that here. Our mission is to Share & Serve for Gratis, Open Source, & FULL VERSION!!!. Since you had the philosophy that goes against ours, unfortunately you have to pay everything yourself.
No no, I mean, make your own website like we do, with Netlify. We use Astro for the framework. here template. Of course, all for $0. You don’t need complex things now, all those free tier should be enough to get you started!
Hey, say thank you pls. At least I didn’t tell you to get yourself.. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀.. Basically horrible idea by making website with website generator where you are required to have internet connection just to edit the site & has severely limited features & full of watermarks on $0 tier. You know.

Ahei I have this file..

Whoah, sorry, we cannot post that here. Please wait. We still need to get our Zeronet Port open first. Be patience, we’re still figuring out how to get Zumi’s website running.

Wait what’s that?

Nah, he’s just eager to showcase his finding with us

NO! is that..

Nothing, it’s just a regular file, go on. we got customers here.

You gotta..

Okay (close call), next!

What if I am banned?

Being banned is terrible, I know. But here. These days defamations are so rampant these days. Those people presumes all males or females or certain group of people as.. yeah you know. If you are not one of those guy from Twitter, that would be great. I tired hearing all alots of accusation of this thing over a hand drawn / 3D modeled Loli with full anatomy here and there. STOP THAT!!

Now back to the question. Or maybe I should say, How could you be banned? That above is one of them, Defamation like this example, presuming someone’s loli drawing mean that someone is that bla bla bla. Alot of things that upsets us severely. Cyber terrorism takes lots of form.

Okay, real question this time. … … You can still contribute, no problem, just.. no social & not to mention personal (PM chit chat) EW!!! Only the information I found interesting to add as usual. No bad promotion. must be $0, Open Source, Full Version. Yeah, you’re welcome, we’re trying as best as possible to be neutral (even it is ultimately absolutely impossible), away from politicals, agendas, & controvercies, away from deleting stuffs just because you are proven guilty of certain severe terrorism (although gamers will be warned with an info paragraph) etc. etc. We want content, we need content, we have policy to preserve, not delete. that’s all. coz I hate file gone. you too right? So pls say thank you for this. many people not only take off the contribution but also gaslighted everything like they never been there. No, in here your name always be carved.

Okay, before you angery, We also take that off, but instead it’s turned into a mod, that’s it. Thank you for asking, pls put down your cyber-pitchfork, it’s never the time to retaliate against us, We’re trying our best to accept your says even it’s impossible & refusable. Thank you.

Developer Notes

Here are some notes for contributors to be / currently working for this ASTR division to take a look. Please send us Issue regarding this Terms of Service with your questions & discussion.

Age requirement

We initially requires all contributors to be at their biologically mature age. This is not due to 69420 reason. Rather for pyscological reasons.
Over the past few years, we have witnesses abundant amount of case of conflicts in the community. We believe that this comes by following factors:

Therefore, we this is the reason we only accept only workers whose age are considered biologically mature for their respective being. Although of course, this is very controversial for an obvious reason. We can defend that there are abundant candidates who would like to work for us, hence taking away our time to do advanced background check in every one of them. However it always will make this controvercy worse.

As of now, we accept contributions for all ages. Provided, that all contributions follows our to be applied rules above, and most importantly, well mannered.

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