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Zeronet deployment is canceled

In order to open port for my Zeronet owning source, We have to subscribe Public Static IP from ISP which usually included by default on Corporate plans.
Our plan which is Home one does not have Public Static IP feature, which explains the reason of guaranteed failure for opening port despite correct step placing the details on the router setting.
Also, it appears our neither the router nor ISP we have been subscribed to, supports Universal Plug & Play (UnPnP) or whatever weird reason we forgot to discuss.

So, sorry folks, no Zeronet at all for you. Ultimately canceled.
until we can find better ways without needing such complexity, for now we will use Odysee as Website, as our homepage in Odysee available here.

Click here to learn more (video is in Bahasa Indonesia).

Hello ! Here's our website hosted in Netlify, built with Astro. Netlify is a versatile & flexible Git powered web hosting that is also Open Source (maybe?) beside being $0*
Netlify does not provide framework on their own, only the hosting. However, they support deploying sites with various framework, as well as providing templates to quickly get started.
And for that, we use Astro framework to build our website.
Again, thanks to Netlify for also providing us the template in order for us to kickstart our migration from Neocities much faster
* being a service means you are borrowing someone's spaces, which you have to pay for more features. Learn more about Netlify pricing tier


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Help us send message to Yamaha so they make Genos Soundfont! Sign the Petition NOW!

Important announcement from Admiral Zumi & Kolmorolotzzet department

Yamaha Genos is too expensive ($5000 / 6000 Kvz / IDR 60 Juta)!!! Beyond anyone could buy. But that keyboard is the most essential for the highest quality ASMR Compliant MIDI player ever.
Will you help us? Pls read below, sign, & share. Thancc!

Learn more, Sign this petition, & Share now!

We seriously need you help! If we can get the number of sign reaches multiple threshold, chances of Yamaha hearing this will increase & hopefully will make Yamaha create Genos in a Soundfont VSTi! Digitally, & for everyone. We can do this! But not alone.
C'mon, people! Yamaha shall not gate us from this.

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So archivers like's Wayback Machine could crawl the following addresses right ahead